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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Ice Cream Dreams

I’m not sure if it’s true of all people, but there is a food item that makes me tick.  A food item that makes my freezer heavenly.  That inspires passionate foodie conversation. That gets me through sweat sessions at the gym.

And that food item is ice cream.  Creamy, dreamy, (dare I say steamy?) ice cream.  I will eat healthy throughout the day just so I can fully indulge in this delicacy.  While eating your feelings is never pretty, I have to admit that even the worst hurts feel a little better with a stolen spoonful straight out of the container.

When did this obsession begin?  When I figured out my mom, the dessert extraordinaire, had ruined me on basically every dessert not made by her own two hands.  Outside of her house, cakes, tortes, pastries, cookies and the like have become joyless experiences, simply because her versions are so much better!

But she never made ice cream. As a result, I learned at an early age that to actually enjoy dessert when away from home, I needed to opt for ice cream.  And then there was that part where I worked at Cold Stone for a whole summer…

Well anyway, I settled for the store-bought varieties of ice cream.  Until now.  I spent a sizable chunk of my meager intern earnings on a kick-ass Cuisinart ice cream maker.

I waited as patiently as I could while the mixing bowl chilled (16-24 hours), I shopped for ingredients (an hour-long walking excursion in 100 degree weather), I waited for the milk mixture to chill (2 hours), the ice cream to set (30 minutes), then for THAT mixture to harden to a hard consistency (another 3 hours in the freezer).

And finally, FINALLY, my first homemade ice cream dream was finished.  I scooped a big old ball of it into a coffee mug, sat in front of my air conditioner, and rejoyced (in all my sweatiness), in the masterpiece I had created.

It’s only cream and sugar, you say.  Vanilla chocolate chip isn’t even an exciting flavor, you say.  But my love for ice cream runs deeper than any nay-sayer’s negativity.  And I have a feeling I will be slaving away with my ice cream mixer for many flavors to come.